Wednesday February 21st, 2024
3 - 6 pm
Shown at Galerie Data
Paris, France
26, boulevard Jules Ferry 11

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  • Artists
  • ClownVamp
  • Alice Gordon
  • 0009
  • Margaret Murphy
  • Thomas Noya
  • Sky Goodman
  • Michael Neff
  • Jon Wubbushi

With each technological advance, the ‘reality’ that photography documents something inherently real, that really happened, comes into further question. Images and artworks using Artificial Intelligence processes throw that uncertainty in our collective faces, forcing us to embrace the photographic future we’re inevitably faced with. Is it photography altered by AI, or is the AI mimicking photography, or does it matter at all?

In every generation, the artistic avant garde distances itself from classification, and never before has there been such fluidity across definitions of media, material, and the aesthetics thereof. With such openness, and given the options and volume that these new processes affords, there is no limit to how much more we will see. assembles evidence of these new extremes with works imagined by artists at the forefront of generative AI post photography, each interrogating the infinite possibilities we now seem destined for.

These series contemplate a world saturated with pop culture and meme-induced madness, where there’s no limit to what we’ll see next – only the inevitability that there will be MORE. From this reality, pushes the boundaries of cultural lexicon and thematic imagery to new extremes of surreality, taking the familiar and twisting it into strange reinterpretations of iconic symbols and situations from our world. It’s the absurd, recursively reworked to become even more absurd – an asymptotic convergence of history, tropes, and novelty that appear to reach their maximum: from subtle to shocking, the perpetually new 11.

The artists in this exhibition have gone big, past discomfort, and now the cultural extremes of their works help us acknowledge and then file the madness away, compressing it down until it's nothing next to the next thing. If comfort is a warm embrace, the artworks that come from these compressed folders are a suffocating bear hug – too close for comfort but truly intimate. They’re made because they can be, and because we always want MORE.

This is what maximalism is: it’s about what more can we do, what more can we push, how far can we exaggerate, and can we go so far that it all dissolves back into normalcy again? In this effort, we discover that we actually find familiarity, and maybe even comfort, in the most sensational expressions of life and art.

A provocation of new extremes, this exhibition is a future time capsule depicting the limits of what we’re ready to imagine in this moment. Fueled by generative processes and a little bit scary, these works are the means with which each of these artists creates their statement – perhaps the catalyst – for what comes next.

ClownVamp is a conceptual artist who uses a combination of narrative and AI techniques to make mischief, telling human stories about what could, should, or will be. His work has...
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Alice Gordon
Alice Gordon is an introvert. She is very shy. And she is anxious all the time. She is a raw AI maximalist. She is a part of the Post Photographic Perspectives artist roster and...
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American Artist/Designer Chris Maestas (b.1984) has been deeply immersed in the urban environment of Los Angeles since his days as a graffiti writer and skateboarder in the 1990s...
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Margaret Murphy
Margaret Murphy is an American artist and photographer working with cameras and prompts to create artworks that explore memories, post-photography, and image-making in the age of...
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Thomas Noya
Thomas Noya is a visual artist from Venezuela currently based in NYC. Often ranging from ethereal to compulsive, his practice is rooted in the digital realm, exploring themes of...
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Sky Goodman
Sky Goodman is a multimedia artist, poet, and educator living in Chicago, IL. Fashion, glitch art, sneaker culture, video games, and landscape painting are a few passions that...
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Michael Neff
Michael Neff (b. 1976 Seattle, WA) is a conceptual artist observing, exploring, and elevating important parts of his world through a variety of media. Neff's photographic...
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Jon Wubbushi
Wubbushi explores the depths of the human psyche, delving into the complexities of emotion, trauma, and the collective unconscious. Drawing from his own experiences with...
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