Kjetil GolidMonument

Opening event
Tuesday 13th Feb 2024
6 - 8pm: Reception evening
7 - 8pm: Golid in conversation with Melanie Lenz (Curator of Digital Art at the V&A Museum)

On View
14 - 18 Feb 2024
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington
London SW7 2JE

Verse is proud to present a new body of work by artist Kjetil Golid entitled Monument. The Norwegian artist is well known for his digital practice that explores the use of data structures and computer code to create visual images. Golid finds aesthetic and conceptual potential in generative algorithms. He explains, “Visualisation has always been important to me both as a tool and a motivation to learn new things.”

Often characterised by geometric grid-like forms in unique colour combinations, Golid’s works are reminiscent of futuristic cityscapes. Constructed from technicoloured building blocks, these structures are arranged in ever evolving and repeating patterns. The artist’s practice is thrilling for the way in which it suggests myriad references from urban architecture and science fiction to landscape drawing.

In Monument, Golid’s signature grammar of cubic shapes, black lines and luminous colour is instantly recognisable. In this series, geometric forms take on a new verticality. Inspired by the aesthetic of Brutalism, shapes ascend like totems of concrete architecture. “Flawed, repetitive patterns have always been an interesting aesthetic to me, and where else does one find it more prominently than along the vertical facades of high-rise buildings?” asks Golid. The artist is interested in the pattern and structure of these buildings and the way in which these patterns are disrupted by the presence of people. For example, the way in which an open window or a closed curtain interrupts the architectural uniformity of a modernist high-rise building.

‘I try to extract and isolate the aspects of this aesthetic that I find intriguing and then do a lot of brainstorming around how such aspects can be achieved with code. This part of the process is usually done with pen and paper, just to figure out if my ideas are at all feasible.’

– Kjetil Golid

The vivid colour palette used in Monument contrasts intriguingly with three-dimensional industrial forms, lending the images a striking and unique quality. According to Golid, colour is also used as a tool to interrupt the repetitive nature of these forms, in the same way human interactions interrupt the structure of the buildings they inhabit.

With a background in graphic design, cognitive science and later computer science, Golid has long been interested in systems and structures. His work involves playing with systems of data to create pictorial compositions. In turn the artist shares his practice in the form of open source code and interactive tools, encouraging others to explore the creative possibilities of generative art.

Exhibition content image
‘When I started dabbling with generative art, having open source projects available as reference and inspiration was a real game changer. Open sourcing most of my code today is my way of giving back to that community.’

– Kjetil Golid

Monument continues and develops Golid’s exploration of the creative capacity of data systems and the visual manifestation of algorithms. The exhibition will present a series of unique works generated by a base algorithm made by the artist.

Exhibition content image
‘I have a passion for systems and structure, and for me, generative art is the art of systems and structure.’

– Kjetil Golid

Every collector is eligible to claim a signed print and/or 3D printed sculpture of their output.

Prints will be 140 x 118 cm on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 305gsm, costing $950 inclusive of shipping.

You can claim your print here

Each edition can only be printed once.

For the live updated status of claimed and therefore unavailable prints please check here

Sculptures will be 30cm tall 3D printed grey nylon, costing $1500 inclusive of shipping.

Prior to purchasing a sculpture, collectors must enquire with Kjetil as each sculpture will be bespoke.


Kjetil Golid

Kjetil Golid is a generative artist based in Trondheim, Norway. At the core of his art lies an equilibrium between chaos and intentionality, often articulated through a deceptively simple aesthetic. This interplay of structural complexity and visual clarity, chaos and order, forms a cornerstone of Golid’s artistic philosophy and is a recurring theme throughout his portfolio. With a professional...
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Verse Solos

Verse Solos is dedicated to exhibiting some of the world’s leading digital artists, artists who have been integral to the digital space or who we believe will impact the course of digital art. We find beautiful ways to physically exhibit digital art, providing an opportunity for non digitally-native collectors and art-lovers to experience these works. We provide in-depth overviews of our artists...
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