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Linea is series of generative works by Stuart Batchelor. As an ongoing exploration of the subject the series size and timeline are deliberately undefined.

Rather than exclusively focusing on one-off series over the coming years, the artist intends for Linea to be his major body of work that represents a particular era in his career. It is possible the series will develop over many years.

Linea focuses on the notion of the line. Lines are a fundamental element of hand drawing, which historically served as the basis for every piece of art. It also constitutes the main element of his algorithm, where he refuses the interference of any graphic or pixelation process, in order to explore the medium itself.

Relating hand drawing and code via the concept of the line, Stuart uncovers how code can be a foundational element to envision and produce art.

Linea came from me wanting to go back to the beginning and start anew. From this point zero, I found myself back at physical work, experimenting with ink bleeds and impasto paint. It was expression through the media itself. If I could use algorithms in the same way - could I paint with code?

To do this the algorithm needs to be treated like a material, by using only lines I am trying to investigate the self expression of the digital media - only algorithms, no rasterised graphics or pixels. An approach to explore not just the images in my mind but also the creativity of a dynamic material.

For this reason, each linea corresponds to a physical plotted artwork the owner may redeem.

Stuart Batchelor

*Linea*, Series 1, Output preview

Linea, Series 1, Output preview

*Linea*, Series 2, Output preview

Linea, Series 2, Output preview

Linea, Series 3, Output preview

Linea, Series 3, Output preview


Stuart Batchelor

Stuart Faromarz Batchelor is a London based computer artist. His work focuses on using technology for self expression, often around themes of nature, dreams and transformation. Utilising his background in VFX he enjoys developing tools that combine the artist’s hand with computational creativity, creating systems where artists can play with procedural rules like crayons. Stuart has been published...
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