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Verse is delighted to present an online exhibition by Pari Ehsan. Pari is an aesthete who has worked with leading brands such as Dior, MoMA and Sotheby’s where she fuses fashion and art and pushes the traditional and academic boundaries of curating. Curation for her, isn’t contained to the museum or the gallery space, it is an intrinsic part of life that enriches our immediate surroundings.

Existing at the intersection of disciplines herself, Pari’s curatorial focus in the NFT space is to onboard contemporary artists whose work hybridizes the tangible and the imagined offering compelling prophetic visions of the hyperreality upon us.

For Just Breathe Pari brings three artists together who observe notions of the future through their practice. This exhibition is in anticipation of three solo exhibitions by each of the artists to follow in the coming weeks.

Following a successful drop for the Verse launching exhibition, Jason Gringler will be presenting two further works from the series. The clips are intentionally presented in a lo-fi format, to create a nostalgic and personal feel. They stem from Gringler documenting brutal discards of unused material in his studio. The results of fire and broken mirrors are strangely enigmatic and alluring.

Geoffrey Pugen’s work Mantis Monstera is a meditative and utopian composition where the mantis is seen as a creature to forecast weather conditions. In this work Pugen encourages viewers to focus on nonhumans and nature as a whole to get a better understanding of the future.

Alicia Mersy’s Wings of encouragement documents an individual from her local community reading a letter that contains words of encouragements and self power. The encounter occured while Mersy was distributing Wings of encouragement in Flatbush, Brooklyn where the artist has been living since she moved to New York City. The work acts a daily reminder to encourage total awareness and positive action toward maintaining the integrity of your true self.

Alicia Mersy
Alicia Mersy is an artist and filmmaker of Lebanese/French origin, living and working in New York. Her work uses the camera to connect people to the divine by forging pathways...
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Jason Gringler
Jason Gringler was born in Toronto, Canada and currently lives and works in Berlin. His work has been included in recent exhibitions at König Galerie (Berlin), Tick Tack (Antwerp)...
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Geoffrey Pugen
Geoffrey Pugen is an artist experimenting at the intersection of technology and nature through video, photo and installation. Thematically, Pugen contemplates speculative futures...
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Work that holds multiple identities at once is ripe for expressing the tension between the digital plane and analog existence. Exploring ideas of protection and vulnerability, fear and safety, the artists presented reposition our gaze through the magic alchemy of materials.

Innately using technology as a tool and an instrument for experimentation, embedded in each of their works is a living and malleable present. Through touch points with architecture, nature and shared humanity in the digital realm we cultivate the life-force to absorb and generate the new synchronicity.

Pari Dust


Pari Ehsan

Pari Ehsan is the creative director behind Pari Dust, a digital platform for art and fashion. Pari Dust explores new ways to combine the elements of our visual world, offering windows into contemporary art, fashion, and the built environment through a unique lens. In an ever-evolving space, Pari seizes opportunities to engage in conversation with influential minds; and to collaborate with artists...
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