In Spirit

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  • Artists
  • Emi Kusano
  • Sheldrick
  • Alkan Avcıoğlu
  • Mikey Woodbridge
  • Katie Morris
  • Dr. Formalyst
  • Tù.úk’z
  • Ganbrood

This show presents new works by artists using generative AI practices to bring provocations of self-reflection, interconnectivity, sacred practices, visceral energies, and the infinitely broad spiritual world.

The possibilities of AI art making appear to have an analogous vastness to the manifestations of spirit and energy. The artists of In Spirit leverage the boundless creative freedom of these tools to share works in myriad formats and styles, expressing their own visions and commentary in moving works, painterly styles, photographic images, and multimedia creations.

Through these artworks, we feel the ‘hand and heart’ of the artist and observe something that turns our attention inwards, towards a sense of connection with something deeper. Art itself can be said to instigate the perception of spirit by sharing the ineffable, by offering a connection to something universal, and by expressing the inner ‘voice’ that exists beyond our mental chatter. These experiences – regardless of their form or what we see – are present in this show, in spirit. This brings the essence of art to the forefront of perception. From overt messages to subtle inflections, the works point to the common spirit we all share.

Emi Kusano
Emi Kusano, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, employs AI to merge past and future aesthetics, challenging our perceptions of art and technology. Her work, gracing the cover...
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Sheldrick is a British Korean artist based in London, a graduate of the London College of Fashion in Fashion Photography, with a keen interest in image assembly, nature, and...
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Alkan Avcıoğlu
Alkan Avcıoğlu (b. 1982) is a Turkish multidisciplinary artist whose work spans AI post-photography, film criticism, DJing and journalism. His early practice focused on digital...
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Mikey Woodbridge
Mikey Woodbridge is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin whose work explores Otherness and personal transformation through communal performance, trance states, physical...
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Katie Morris
Katie Morris is a contemporary artist born and based in Scotland. Her practice uses human-machine collaboration to explore and redefine the role of art in a technology driven...
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Dr. Formalyst
Dr. Formalyst is a Madrid-based visual artist with a background in architecture, design, and coding. Working primarily in video, he has developed an approach that uses CGI to...
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Arthur Machado, known artistically as Tù.úk’z, is a pioneering Brazilian digital artist whose work has been shaping the global digital arts landscape since 2012. Renowned for...
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