• Imperfections

Group exhibition

The concept of artistic perfection has long been a subject of contemplation for artists and philosophers alike.

Is perfection an objective quality, attainable through technical proficiency and precision? Or is it a subjective experience, shaped by the individual viewer's perceptions and emotions?

A quick look at the world’s most sought-after paintings suggests evidence of struggle and the creator’s humanity is a pre-requisite for an artwork ever becoming a headline lot at a Christie’s evening sale. Indeed, the world’s most valuable artworks are seemingly desirable not because they’re devoid of any mistakes, but because the artist’s humanity shines through.

De Kooning’s Woman III, Picasso’s Garçon à la Pipe, and Pollock’s One: Number 31 all allow the viewer to viscerally feel the artists at work on the paintings. The paintings’ rawness and authenticity transports us to the artists’ studios, and sheds light on who they really are.

Willem de Kooning, *Untitled*, 1966, detail

Willem de Kooning, Untitled, 1966, detail

Jackson Pollock, *Number 17*, 1951

Jackson Pollock, Number 17, 1951

Pablo Picasso, *Les Demoiselles d’Avignon*, 1907

Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907

Through a series of artworks by digital artists, the exhibition explores the role imperfections play in great artworks, and how the pursuit of artistic perfection appears to be a paradoxical endeavour.

The works of the generative artists included in the exhibition explores how randomness is used as a tool for creating unique and unpredictable works of art. This is achieved through algorithms that generate random patterns or colours, which are then created in the final artwork.

Other digital artists included in the exhibition embrace the theme of imperfections in their work by incorporating flaws and error into their practice as a means to create pieces that are ultimately more spontaneous, organic, and less formulaic.

Exhibiting artists: Stuart Batchelor, Alejandro Campos, Centrefold, Paweł Grzelak, Olga Fradina, Itsgalo, Jeres, Juanna Pedro, Thomas Noya, John Provencher, Ralgo, Sarah Ridgley and Erik Swahn.

  • Online exhibition, opening 21 February 2023, 6pm GM

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