IMAGINED WRECKAGE is a series of photo collage and generative AI works by Chicago based artist Chuck Anderson. Known for his multidisciplinary approach Anderson’s work is characterised by his distinctive use of colour, light, and foregrounding of digital technology.

Described by Anderson as a collection ‘about amalgamation’, IMAGINED WRECKAGE dissects the boundaries between an artist’s life and work in a post-internet, AI focused era. The use of generative AI echoes loudly across the series, not simply in the output of the models themselves, but through the way its processes parallel Anderson’s use of his own aggregated experiences. The title draws from the idea of an accumulation of creative influence and how it’s reformed into new work, mirroring the digital data AI assembles and re-imagines into new outputs. Everything from Anderson’s musical influences to photographs taken from his daily life wash up as what he describes as ‘digital wreckage’ on ‘the shores of his computer’.

This meta, almost deconstructed approach continues past the purely conceptual and into the aesthetics of the work itself. Elements of the digital process lie embedded in the pieces. Wires, circuit boards, screens and viewfinders are scattered throughout, eroding the line between the work and the working practice. The series takes on an almost autobiographical quality through the inclusion of photography, humanising the use of AI and embedding Anderson directly into the fabric of the collection.

Anderson describes the project as an embodiment of who he is as a person, with its stylistic juxtapositions speaking to his restless curiosity and creativity. The layering of seemingly disparate imagery and elements gives an aesthetic tension to the work that feels wholly of the moment and draws from Anderson’s broad set of influences. Engine parts alongside nods to hardcore and punk tropes are bathed in iridescence, balanced against flowers and butterflies, breaking down traditional aesthetic associations. There’s a playfully deceptive quality to the tactile nature of the collection, hard edges becoming surprisingly softened through this offset, crystalline textures feeling malleable and opaque fogs setting into almost structural components.

*IMAGINE WRECKAGE*, Output preview

IMAGINE WRECKAGE, Output preview

*IMAGINE WRECKAGE*, Output preview

IMAGINE WRECKAGE, Output preview

The pieces themselves resist easy categorisation, feeling equal parts virtual, sculptural, and photographic, adding a further destabilising aspect to the viewing experience. The very present accumulation of Anderson’s life, work and creative philosophy gives IMAGINED WRECKAGE a stream of consciousness, dream-like quality that curiously speaks to the AI hallucinations and latent dreaming that inform both this series, and so much of contemporary digital art.


Chuck Anderson

Anderson is an artist and designer known for his digital art that experiments with color and light. He founded NoPattern Studio in 2004 and has collaborated with brands such as ESPN, Nike, and Microsoft. In 2005, he co-founded the early internet blog THE BRILLIANCE! with Benjamin Edgar and Virgil Abloh. In 2021, Anderson worked with NFT platform Chain/Saw on his collection INFINITE PRESSURE...
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Ivan Zhyzhkevych

As a long-time collector with an unparalleled passion for digital art, Ivan curates from the heart.
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