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  • Generative Architecture. The Making of a Room.
  • Artists
  • Anaglyphic
  • Anna Beller & Alejandro Campos
  • Corneel Cannaerts & Luis E. Fraguada
  • Victor Doval & xnmtrc
  • Fleep
  • Olga Fradina
  • Kira0
  • office ca & {protocell:labs}
  • Erik Swahn
  • Studio Yorktown
  • Curated by
  • Alejandro Campos
  • Ismahelio

Verse is delighted to present Generative Architecture, an exhibition curated by Alejandro Campos and Ismahelio.

Alejandro and Ismahelio, both architects and practicing generative artists, realized that there are many artists with similar backgrounds in the digital space.

For their exhibition, they invited a curated selection of these artists to create works that challenge the interpretation of a room in the virtual realm. The result is a collection of works specifically created for GenArch, born out of discussions and collaborations on this theme.

Anaglyphic, PhD. is not convinced that flexing academic credentials, vague concepts, and self-attached labels attracts genuine interest. Handling pencils and brushes can become...
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Anna Beller & Alejandro Campos
Anna Beller (Painter and Architect from Germany) and Alejandro Campos (Spanish Architect and Creative Coder based in Rotterdam) started to collaborate in 2023 for the generative...
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Corneel Cannaerts & Luis E. Fraguada
Cannaerts and Fraguada both have backgrounds in architecture (buildings) and academia and probably met at an architecture related conference many years ago, though neither of them...
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Victor Doval & xnmtrc
Victor Doval and xnmtrc are two artists and architects who hail from opposite sides of the Mediterranean Sea. From their own view they are exploring with code abstract geometries...
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Fleep is a Persian architect and a digital artist. She graduated in architecture in her country, Iran, at 2019 with a great passion for the engineer aspect of architecture so she...
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Olga Fradina
Olga Fradina is a generative and digital artist. With a background in graphic design and a successful career in interior design spanning over two decades, Fradina has long aspired...
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Is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, lecturer, and architect from Turkey who experiment with digital fabrication, parametric modeling, videomapping, interactive and...
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office ca & {protocell:labs}
office ca is a design research collaborative led by Galo Canizares and Stephanie Sang Delgado. {protocell:labs} is a digital laboratory merging artistic and research practice...
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Erik Swahn
Erik Swahn is an architect and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He currently teaches at the KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm.
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Studio Yorktown
Kwame Bruce Busia, also known as Bruce or Studio Yorktown, is a multi-disciplinary creative and generative artist from London. With a background in architecture, his early...
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‘A room with only one other person could be generative. The vectors of each meet.’

Louis Kahn, The Making of a Room, 1971

Architecture comes from the making of a room but, What’s exactly a room?

For architects, buildings are just a form of architecture and architecture, further beyond, the sense of place, of continuity and connection with everything around us. When one makes room for something, it opens spaces and possibilities, frameworks for new relationships, communities of wonder, creativity, and knowledge.

The Generative Art, web3, NFT spaces are henceforth to be referred to as an architecture made of Twitter Spaces, Art Galleries, Discord Rooms, Marketplaces, Forums, Platforms, Archives, Repositories, Code Structures, Blocks and Chains… all of them words that carry architectural meanings.

Can these spaces develop without architects? Where are they? What are they doing?

Studio Yorktown, preview detail, 2023

Studio Yorktown, preview detail, 2023

Anna Beller & Alejandro Campos, preview detail, 2023

Anna Beller & Alejandro Campos, preview detail, 2023

Victor Doval & xnmtrc, preview detail, 2023

Victor Doval & xnmtrc, preview detail, 2023

Generative Architecture, or GenArch, is an exhibition that follows architects on their Creative Coding journeys, on their opening of spaces for virtual encounter, their merging of virtual and mixed reality technologies with physical objects and crafts, and their use of generative systems for artistic discovery. With both physical and digital artworks by artists with a background in architecture, GenArch takes a closer look at how disciplinary knowledge and techniques can be used to open new perspectives on the field of Generative Art.

What can architects contribute to a world that appears to be shifting away from embodied experiences to predominantly audiovisual stimuli?

If artworks are rooms, then,

‘In a room with only one other person, when only two people are present, the elements of design, the architect’s work, and the inhabitants might all come together, their vectors meeting to create one unique moment that makes up its own particular room. […] A great American Poet once asked the Architect: What slice of the sun does your building have, what light enters your Room?’

Louis Kahn, The Making of a Room, 1971

Curatorial statement by Alejandro Campos and Ismahelio.

Louis Kahn, *The Making of a Room*, 1971

Louis Kahn, The Making of a Room, 1971


Alejandro Campos

Alejandro is a Spanish Creative Coder based in Rotterdam, where he currently holds an academic position as a Researcher and Teacher at the Department of Architecture, Delft University of Technology. As a scholar, Alejandro specialises in the history of Modern Architecture and the colonial dynamics behind its universalising claims. He collaborates as a Research Associate at the Research Center for...
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A trained architect specializing in parametric and generative design, Ismahelio has lived and worked in Spain, Mexico, India, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and the United States, each of which has influenced his work. Deeply interested in studying the connection between architecture and art through generative systems. Having taken a strong interest in the visual arts from an early age, Ismahelio combines...
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