Deluge presents two distinct styles of work from Chepertom, “RAW”s and “RAD”s, which invite viewers to contemplate the chaos of daily life and data-driven overload via the metaphor of the ocean’s patterns and behaviours. Inspired by the boundless and tumultuous energy of the ocean, Chepertom utilises this natural force as a metaphor to delve into the complexities of the wider world. His works reflect on themes of chaos and order, digitally reinterpreting natural elements to express global events and personal perceptions.

The "RAW" pieces embody the unrefined, chaotic essence of the ocean and are derived from various sources including video footage. These works are more unpolished than the “RAD” pieces, natural landscapes that have not yet been tamed by digital tools, in which every pixel plays a crucial role in conveying the overwhelming data of daily life. They set the foundational stage for what evolves into the "RAD" artworks.

Transitioning from "RAW" to "RAD", Chepertom engages a meticulous process of selection and compression. The "RAD" pieces, constructed from both personal and found footage, undergo repeated compressions, each layer distorting and displacing information to create curated snapshots of digital artefacts. These works focus on primary colours and emphasise movement and transformation, where the intense use of specific greens and blues resonate with the hues of the ocean, simultaneously suggesting the voids and spaces where data becomes corrupted yet visually compelling. There is a specific, intense green that recurs, which acts as a nod digital voids and green screens used in visual effects. This green represents areas where colour should exist but does not, instead signifying corruption and alteration, a frequent element in Chepertom's process of creation.





Central to the RAD series is the concept of noise versus signal. In these artworks, Thomas plays with the balance of too much noise, which obscures the view, and the use of empty space, which creates perspective. This interplay is crucial in forming a visual environment where viewers are invited into a refined window of understanding amidst the chaos.

Deluge offers a commentary on how digital media can encapsulate and make sense of the sprawling, noisy world we inhabit. The series is a journey through visual disruption that seeks to find clarity and beauty in the chaos, using the ocean as both inspiration and metaphor for the unpredictability of life.



Thomas Collet, also known as Chepertom, is a French artist specializing in video media and "Glitch" art, which emphasizes digital obsolescence. His work also spans the music industry, including notable projects like the music video for Ariana Grande's "Imagine." Active in the web3 space, Thomas is involved in curation and collecting. He teaches digital art at École de la Cambre in Brussels, where...
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Ivan Zhyzhkevych

As a long-time collector with an unparalleled passion for digital art, Ivan curates from the heart.
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