Juanna PedroColor Juanna —  Imperfections

Opening Event
Tuesday 21st February
6 - 8pm: Reception evening

On View
22 - 27 Feb 2023
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington
London SW7 2JE

Color Juanna is a series of works that expanded from 2019 to 2023. It’s a search to abstract moments I recollect in my memory, and reconstruct the events with vibrant colours and forms. Exploring glimpses of time through light and saturation. Each piece is unique, from a collection of 18.

‘I describe my works with 2 words: tech-mex and digital nostalgia.’

Juanna Pedro

Juanna Pedro, *Color Juanna*, *Moon Walker*, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, Color Juanna, Moon Walker, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, *Color Juanna*, *Green Tea*, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, Color Juanna, Green Tea, 2019-2023

Tech-mex as in Mexican Technology, because my work is an exploration of México, it’s amazing culture and natural diversity. I’m trying to interpret what Mexico is and means, through the use of technology, and am greatly inspired by my colourful beautiful country.

Digital nostalgia is how I describe the visual images and feeling I’m looking for when I work. As a “90s kid”, the early internet and computer graphics really appeal me in a nostalgic way; the search in my work is to provoke this feeling again. Using vintage technologies to explore landscapes from Mexico or colourful moments from everyday life is a way for me to feel this digital nostalgia.

Juanna Pedro, *Color Juanna*, *Dos Piedras*, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, Color Juanna, Dos Piedras, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, *Color Juanna*, *El Colgado *, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, Color Juanna, *El Colgado *, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, *Color Juanna*, *Quema de Arbol*, 2019-2023

Juanna Pedro, Color Juanna, Quema de Arbol, 2019-2023

Color Juanna is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.


Juanna Pedro

Multidisciplinary artist from Xochimilco, Mexico. Graduated as a filmmaker, Web 3 artist by choice. Inspired in Mexican biodiversity and culture, as well as 90’s digital graphics and videogames. His works have been exhibited in diverse galleries around Mexico City, Canada, Colombia and Online.
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