Serezha GalkinCollection

Giving a little more thought to the idea of marketing the new Artie Galerie exhibition, I thought of a way to present it. We're buying and selling Collection by Serezha Galkin, a series of cryptographic trading cards. Fans of cryptography will love these fascinating examples of the cryptographic arts.

Notice the fine way the curated AI-based series fits together – a mix of neo-impressionism and avante garde glitch, along with random minting. What a perfect conversation piece to be treasured and shown to your friends and family.

Plus, your friends will undoubtedly love these cryptographic trading cards just as much. They'll be eager to trade for them. Collect a whole set! They come in all kinds of varieties, from common Pepes, to the rare 69's, all the way up to the seldom-seen Nicolas Cage. Hours of fun can be had for all.

Your friendly cryptographic trading card dealers, Artie Galerie and Verse, want to join the fun, too. They'll be as interested in buying your trading cards back as in selling them.

Try this fascinating and timely new hobby today!



Serezha Galkin

Serezha Galkin, the Moscow-based artist formerly known as Graphica.PNG, considers himself a “regular boredom slayer.” Over the past 15 years, he has passionately pushed the boundaries of his art by incorporating new tools and techniques. Serezha is best known in the digital art community for his minimalistic, AI-based glitch work, which reflects his process and juxtaposes uncanny ideas to comment...
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Artie Galerie

Artie Galerie, founded in 2023, aims to find, nurture and showcase digital artists that push their mediums forward.
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