Cory HaberAtmospheres

Verse is proud to introduce Atmospheres, the latest generative project by Cory Haber, an artist and engineer whose work explores the intersection of code and nature.

Inspired by the beauty and complexity of natural systems, Haber's generative art employs algorithms to create intricate, mesmerizing images which explore the effects of light and color on the landscape.

Drawing on his expertise in art and programming, Haber takes us on a journey through imagined landscapes that evoke the mystery of the natural world, inviting the viewer to contemplate the complexities of its majesty.

While drawing inspiration from the works of painters like J.M.W. Turner, Wolf Kahn and Richard Mayhew, Atmospheres presents incredibly impactful compositions filled with elements of innovation.


Discover more on Atmospheres listening to the podcast Every Day Obsession: Interview with Cory Haber.

‘This series celebrates the beauty and grandeur of vast skies filled with mesmerizing clouds and celestial bodies.’

Cory Haber

*Atmospheres*, 2023, Output

Atmospheres, 2023, Output

*Atmospheres*, 2023, Output

Atmospheres, 2023, Output

Series Details

The series will be collector curated. Collectors will have the option to generate and save their chosen outputs on their Verse account. A new functionality allows users to generate multiple outputs simultaneously.

The top 10 bidders will receive a signed print of the Atmospheres output that they mint.

Mint Pass

To ensure that collectors have plenty of time to generate and save their preferred artworks, a mint pass system will be implemented.

  • Each mint pass can be used to redeem one artwork.
  • Following the conclusion of the auction, winning bidders will have a period of 5 days to select the artworks they wish to mint.
  • Any collectors who fail to redeem an artwork by the specified deadline will be assigned one that has been randomly generated by the algorithm.

Auction Mechanism

This will be the first ranked auction on Verse.

  • Collectors will have the opportunity to place bids over a span of several days. At the conclusion of the auction, the top 100 bids will secure the artworks.
  • A rebate system will be in place at the conclusion of the auction, ensuring that every winning bidder pays the same amount as the lowest winning bid.
  • If multiple bids of the same value are submitted, the bid placed earliest will be recognized as the winning one.
  • If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes, the end time will be extended up to 5 minutes.
  • If a winning bidder pays an amount exceeding the lowest winning bid, the difference will be refunded to their Verse account in the currency used for payment.


  • Monday 15th May, 6pm BST - Auction begins
  • Thursday 18th May, 6pm BST - Auction ends
  • Tuesday 23rd May, 6pm BST - Minting deadline

Cory Haber

Cory Haber is a New York-based generative artist, widely recognized for his innovative approach to bridging the gap between digital and physical art forms. With a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and art, Cory has successfully crafted a distinct artistic style that captures the essence of nature and its processes through computational design.  Since 2014, Cory has honed his...
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