Arithmetic Phenomena

  • Artists
  • Pablo Alpe
  • Ryan Bell
  • Melissa Wiederrecht
  • M.J. Lindow
  • Kira0
  • Pierre Casadebaig
  • Jinyao Lin

The evolution of every living organism is influenced by its environment. Different species overcome their unique deficiencies and mutate in order to thrive within their surroundings. As humans creating art, we are also constantly shifting to adapt and thrive within our environment. In the new era of generative art, the digital recreation of natural phenomena requires a process of creative evolution.

This exhibition brings together artists who have adapted to their changing environments by using code to create unique art pieces that reinterpret natural processes.

These artists create algorithms that evolve based on the environment, and take inspiration from the organic growth and computational biological processes happening around them in nature. By responding to and reinterpreting their surroundings, these artists create a new path to transformation and break the boundaries of what was previously considered possible. In nature, time is a factor shaping what an environment can become or thrive towards in the future. Similarly, these artworks take shape over time as they move towards their final form.

Each of the works in the exhibition reflects a unique approach to the mathematical and generative evolution of art, creativity and nature, while also revealing the artist’s particular affection for their environment.

Pablo Alpe
Pablo Alpe is a Spanish coder and interactive designer from Valencia. Pablo always had an interest in art and technology. As he grew older he put his artistic interests aside and...
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Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell is a visual artist, musician, and software engineer whose artwork often explores themes of recursion, nature, and playfulness. Ryan has exhibited multiple live generative...
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Melissa Wiederrecht
Is a Generative Artist from America, living and working in Saudi Arabia. She chose generative art as her career after earning a MS in Computer Science in 2014.  Having been...
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M.J. Lindow
Is a generative artist from the western United States. Inspired by art from an early age, he was constantly drawing and painting. To pay for college, he designed and built stained...
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Is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, lecturer, and architect from Turkey who experiment with digital fabrication, parametric modeling, videomapping, interactive and...
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Pierre Casadebaig
Pierre is a biologist and computer artist living in France. For a decade, Pierre used code and data visualisation to analyse how crops interact with their environment. His practise...
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Jinyao Lin
Jinyao Lin, a composer and digital artist of Taiwan. He received Ph.D degree of computer science and information engineering in 2014 from National Taiwan University, and Master of...
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Ronen Tanchum

The longing and a connection to nature are at the basis of the curation practice by the artist Ronen Tanhum. Tanchum works at the intersection of art, technology and interaction, between the physical and the digital and between the planned and the random. He takes Inspiration from organic behaviours alongside mathematical processes occurring in nature, and presents his interpretations of these...
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