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  • Matt Perkins
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  • Cole Sternberg
  • Ivona Tau
  • Florian Zumbrunn

Can wandering in daydreams lead to something more?

Since the concept of the subconscious first entered our lexicon at the turn of the 20th century, artists have been fascinated with expanding the way we represent the mind. We now know that our thoughts don’t occur linearly, but quite the opposite: observations of the present are accompanied by memories, hopes, tangents, and daydreams.

(Probably) All in the Mind explores and celebrates the human mind's tendency to wander, and to lead to new and unexpected ideas and insights. Through the showcased works, we acknowledge that wandering is not a distraction or a hindrance to productivity, but a source of unrestricted creativity. Harnessing the powers of the digital medium and code, the featured artists craft expansive vistas that challenge traditional notions of how we view and experience the world. Rather than focusing on the final outcome, they revel in the gray area between focus and getting lost in thought.

This kind of practice, which values the experience of wandering, leads to incredible outcomes that are often abstract or representational. The mind finds one thing and then latches onto the next, finding beauty and meaning in the seemingly random.

M.J. Lindow
Is a generative artist from the western United States. Inspired by art from an early age, he was constantly drawing and painting. To pay for college, he designed and built stained...
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LoVid’s work has been exhibited, performed, screened, and presented internationally at venues including: RYAN LEE Gallery, Postmasters Gallery, Marquee Projects, Honor Fraser...
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lunarean is the pseudonym of a generative artist based in London. He writes code using p5.js and GLSL shaders and aims to use simple and elegant logic to generate intricate and...
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Matt Perkins
Matt Perkins is a generative artist and designer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a long history of creating digital art, starting in the 1990s and leading to a career...
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Sabato Visconti
Sabato Visconti is a Brazilian new media artist and photographer based in Western Massachusetts whose work centers around glitch and post-photography. They began experimenting...
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Cole Sternberg
Cole Sternberg is a conceptual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. His practice contemplates humanity’s existential quandary: that of being hopelessly destructive, yet...
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Ivona Tau
Ivona Tau, PhD, is a generative A.I. artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, who works with neural networks and code as a tool in experimental photography and motion painting. Her goal is...
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Florian Zumbrunn
Florian Zumbrunn is an artist who finds joy in the little surprises that are brought to life when creating. Most of the time, rather than having a completely clear predefined idea...
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‘They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night’

Edgar Allen Poe

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