Zach LiebermanStudies in color, light and geometry

On View
2 - 6 August 2023
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington
London SW7 2JE
Opening hours: 10-6pm
Sunday 11-4pm

Saturday 5th August, 6-8pm RSVP.

V&A workshop
Saturday 5th August, 1-4pm
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Verse Solos

Verse is proud to present Zach Lieberman's new body of work, featuring video works, print works, and exclusive in-person-only open editioned digital artwork. Lieberman is an artist, researcher, and educator based in New York City. He creates artwork through writing software and is a co-creator of openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding and helped co-found the School for Poetic Computation, a school examining the lyrical possibilities of code. He is a professor at MIT Media Lab, where he leads the Future Sketches group.

Light assumes a profound presence within contemporary art, shaping Lieberman’s artistic practice. In this exhibition, the artist reflects on light as a creative medium, exploring the relationship between his work and the art of the past, and situating his new series within the wider discourse of media art.

Both presented series Cone Gradient Study and Color Blinds Study mark a significant milestone, representing seven years of Lieberman’s studies on visual ideas involving geometry, animation, gesture and graphic form through his daily code sketches.

Cone Gradient Study is a series of computational artworks that explore the intersection of graphical form, gradients, color and light simulation. The work is built with a simple premise – what if the color of every pixel is derived from a small number of points which have a hue, an intensity and a direction.

  • Each of the 50 artworks will be released as an edition.
  • There will be 150 mint passes. A mint pass enables you to mint one edition of one of the artworks.
  • A maximum of 5 editions can be minted per artwork.
  • The redemption window is from 14-15th August 4pm BST | 11am ET, after which unredeemed mint pass holders will be randomly allocated an edition.
  • Collectors can claim a signed A1 print of their work. Live status here.

Color Blinds Study is a series of moving pieces, exploring the sensation of light moving through a striped material.

  • a collection of 25 unique 1/1 videos.
  • available through individual auctions.
‘As a child, I loved the patterns you would see through venetian blinds, and this project is based loosely on that sense of wonder – how materials can abstract and transform light.’

Zach Lieberman

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The works showcased in this exhibition draw particular inspiration from the legacy of Abraham Palatnik, including the Aparelho Cinecromáticos. Embedded within the theme exploring the relationship between Lieberman’s work and the art of the past, this show attempts to situate his new works within the wider discourse of media art. The series Cone Gradient Study and Color Blinds Study mark a significant milestone, encapsulating seven years of Lieberman's exploration of visual concepts on geometry, animation, gesture, and graphic forms in his daily code sketches.

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‘My initial sketches were all around reflection — what it looks like when light bounces off of surfaces, reflects and refracts, and the kinds of forms that emerge.’

Zach Lieberman

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Concepts of this exhibition were part inspired by notions of 'Das Lichtrequisit' (Light-Space Modulator), introduced by artist, designer and educator László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1947). He was renowned for his innovative use of light, space, and motion, believed that technology could advance society and art.

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Zach Lieberman

Zachary Lieberman is an artist, researcher, and educator with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. In his work, he creates performances and installations that take human gesture as input and amplify them in different ways — making drawings come to life, imagining what the voice might look like if we could see it, transforming people's silhouettes into music. He's been listed as one of Fast...
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Verse Solos

Verse Solos is dedicated to exhibiting some of the world’s leading digital artists, artists who have been integral to the digital space or who we believe will impact the course of digital art. We find beautiful ways to physically exhibit digital art, providing an opportunity for non digitally-native collectors and art-lovers to experience these works. We provide in-depth overviews of our artists...
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